Sacred Soul Blanket

$70.00 USD

NOTE: Please allow 2-3 weeks for US delivery, and 4 weeks for delivery to Canada. This item can only be shipped to the US and Canada at this time.

This blanket was designed by Tessa Sayers (Turtle Mountain Chippewa), the owner of lifestyle brand Soul Curiosity.

It features a central design in soft warm grey in light, medium, and dark hues. Bone white background and light copper accents.

The artist explains the design: "The buffalo are givers of life, uniting people to creator and each other. As sacred beings, their spirit is revered and celebrated. The Sacred Soul blanket traces the energetic centers of the buffalo to its heart that is marked by a strawberry. This berry, often called the heart berry in Anishinaabe culture, represents the power of leading with a heart-centered soul, paving the way to support and honor those around us."

This silky and soft fleece sherpa blanket will keep you warm and cozy on cold evenings. Great for everyday use or displayed as art decor. Fabulous neutral warm hues to match a variety of spaces, with a bold design worthy of many compliments. A great gift for all ages and backgrounds.

50"x60". This item ships from the US.

  • 100% Polyester
  • 50" x 60"
  • Original design and pattern
  • by Tessa Sayers (Turtle Mountain Chippewa)