Empower Earrings

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These earrings were made by Kathy Whitman-Elk Woman (Mandan / Hidatsa / Arikara). They are made from recycled aluminum cans and Swarovski Crystals (colors may vary depending on can). They measure 2.5” round, and are available in 10 color options: Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Brown, and White. Colors will vary depending on the cut of the material and each pair is beautifully unique. This item ships from the US.

Kathy explains, "Nature and my culture go hand in hand, and they are my influences. I’m also inspired to be an active participant in the upkeep of Mother Earth by contributing to her healing through the art that I create. By using materials that are byproducts of consumer goods for my medium, I could accomplish this idea and this purpose. I chose aluminum cans and plastic bottles because they seem to be two of the most abundant land pollutants in the world. For every can and plastic bottle that becomes a part my art, that much less is put into the environment. Through this body of work, my hope is to change the perspective of the general public, to raise the consciousness about our impact on the environment and make positive changes, no matter how minute they may seem, and to broaden the minds to new possibilities of using byproduct materials to create fine art, therefore saving the environment and impacting all of life."

by Kathy Whitman-Elk Woman (Mandan / Hidatsa / Arikara)