Dentalium Fringe Earrings (Bright Day)

$135.00 USD

These spectacular earrings by Ojibwe artist Wabanoonkwe Irick feature long ivory white dentalium shells, white hide strips, fire-polished faceted glass beads, brass metal beads, polished shells, and 18k gold hooks with Cubic Zirconia accents. They measure 5" long and 1" wide.

Prior to European contact, dentalium shells were used as currency in inter-tribal exchange networks, and many Native American women proudly wore dentalium jewelry to display the wealth and status of their families. Through the meanings that the shells hold, we hope to share our traditions with the world: we decorate the body beautifully to please the spirit world and to walk in beauty and harmony with the environment around us.

Wabanoonkwe is the Owner and Designer of House of Beauty by Wabanoonkwe. The meaning of her name is "Early Morning Spirit Woman, the one who greets the sun as it rises" She is a mother, sister, aunty and wife. Wabanoonkwe comes from a strong blood line of rich culture and deeply rooted traditions. She is a proud Anishinabekwe from the Ojibwe Tribe of Treaty 3, located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. During the summer her and her daughters dance Jingle at pow-wows, they attend traditional Midewin Ceremonies and celebrate the season changes with the other members by harvesting food and medicines for the community.

They come packaged in a jewelry box for safe-keeping. This item ships from the US.

  • 5" long
  • Gold hooks
  • Handmade

  • by Wabanoonkwe Irick (Ojibwe)