Abalone Rounds

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These earrings were made by Hupa/Tolowa jewelry artist Pamela Mattz. They feature beautiful round abalone shell discs hanging on sterling silver hooks.
The medium option hangs 2" long, and the disc measures 1.5" in diameter, while the large option hangs 2.5" x 2". The small option measures 1" in diameter and hangs 1.75" long. The oval option hangs 1.25" long. Each shell has a unique personality, and the patterns on the discs, while all reflect beautiful pinks and greens, will differ slightly from shell to shell, and from earring to earring. This item ships from the US.
  • 2" long
  • Hand-crafted
  • Sterling Silver Fishhooks
  • Pamela Mattz's jewelry is inspired by age-old Pacific Northwest California Native American adornment traditions.
    by Pamela Mattz (Hupa / Tolowa)