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1. CLUB/BBTee: Native American T-Shirt of the Month Club:

JULY: "Ceci nest pas un conciliateur" tee by Dustin Martin.

AUGUST: "Homelands" tee by Thomas 'Breeze' Marcus.

NOTE: All July tee boxes are being shipped now, August tees will ship mid-August. Thank you!

2. Native American Jewelry of the Month Club:


This month we celebrate a special berry, the strawberry. The Ojibwe name, Ode'imin, can be broken down into two parts: Ode' which refers to heart, and -min which refers to something small and globular, often a berry. The delicious and nutritious strawberry is our precious heart berry.

As an indigenous plant to this region it is beautiful and resilient.

This bracelet features the four sacred colors (yellow gold, red suede leather, shimmering black, and a luster white). These colors represent the medicine wheel, the four cardinal directions, the stages of life, the seasons, the times of the day, the four main elements, and much more nuanced information that is critical to maintaining a sense of wellbeing for ourselves, our families, our communities, our Nations, our Mother Earth, and our Universe.

NOTE: We are experiencing slight delays in shipping - all June and July boxes are being shipped now. August boxes are on schedule. Thank you!