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Welcome to April, Iskigamizige-giizis (Sugar Moon)!

This month, we share a favorite necklace, and an interesting story of adaptation. We refer to these as Bandolier Necklaces.

Simply, a bandolier is a belt or sash worn over the shoulder and across the breast and was often used for suspending or supporting of some article (such as ammunition cartridges), or as a part of an official or ceremonial dress. It is a French word, first used in the 1500s, but later came to also refer to fancy necklaces comprised of hairpipe and metal beads worn over the shoulders and across the front of the body by Native American men.

These later morphed to be necklaces in general, worn by both men and women. They could be simple - with just one strand of beads, or more elaborate with multiple strands coming together front and center, allowing the bottoms to dangle like fringe. The included card shows just a few examples of the various styles.

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