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WELCOME! We now offer three subscription options for our customers! See the options below. The last day to subscribe is March 15, with limited slots available. Boxes ship March 15-18. If you are having troubles subscribing, make sure your browser allows pop-ups for the subscription form, or try again on a laptop and read the instructions at the bottom of this page.

1. Club/BB Tee: Native American T-Shirt of the Month Club: Our March design is by the amazingly smart and creative Jaclyn Roessel.

A citizen of the Navajo Nation, Jaclyn Roessel is proud Diné asdzaan (Navajo womxn), a poet, certified personal coach, and a cultural equity & justice consultant. Roessel believes in the power of Indigenous ways of knowing and teachings to support the building of healthy, strong, and just communitues. She lives in the Pueblo of Tamaya with her husband and their children.

This “I AM MEDICINE” tee was designed as a reminder of how inherently powerful we are as bilá ashlaadíi, five-fingered people, to heal. “I am medicine, watch me heal” is a mantra offered to share the potential and agency we possess to transform everyday through healing. The heart of this design is the yucca plant which is used to purify and cleanse in many Diné ceremonies. The landscape is from a land formation in my home community in Dinetáh and the lightening bolts dancing on the horizon are integrated to offer protection of the wearer as they move through the world. My hope is folx feel reminded of their power every time they wear this design. I believe it is important to know we can choose to renew and cleanse continuously as the path of healing is not linear, it is a powerful journey we courageously venture onto.

Follow and learn more at and Instagram @jacroessel

2. Club/BB Jewelry: Native American Jewelry of the Month Club:
Our March box celebrates Onaabani-giizis (Crust on the Snow Moon) featuring our beautiful Dancing Light Earrings.

March earned the name Onaabani-giizis because the temperatures dance up and down this time of year. For example, during the day, the sun (which is moving back north for spring) warms the top of the snow, melting it slightly, to have the cool evenings and cold nights turn that slight melt into a crisp top layer. The shine of the snow reflecting light in various ways like a natural glaze is the inspiration for these earrings.

Lightweight, silver-plated, and highly reflective with multiple dancing components, we hope you enjoy these adornments and wear them often. Expect many compliments since they are eyecatching (and thus not for suited for the shyest of wallflowers). Enjoy.

3. Club/BB Deluxe: Native American Jewelry + Tee of the Month Club: Our March Deluxe box includes the I Am Medicine Tee by Jaclyn Roessel and Dancing Light Earrings celebrating Onaabani-giizis/March. We are also including Greeting Card packs in this month's box to encourage long-distance connection. Limited spots available.


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