Cavalry Tee


This tee was designed by Navajo artist Dustin Martin for his company SOLO (Sovereign Original Land Owners).

S.O.L.O.’s signature logo, the feathered cavalier and his horse symbolize the adaptability and tenacity that have helped Indigenous populations endure for centuries. American Indians might not be remembered today had they not taken the white man's beast and made it their own. Today they ride on; ponies beneath them, arrows aimed at their dreams.

"In a market flooded with uninformed and poorly imitated 'Native' design, S.O.L.O. aims to create a product with a history. Through consultation and collaboration with the original owners of Indigenous design, S.O.L.O. works to bolster the voice of contemporary Native America and revolutionize industry conceptions of ownership, originality and authenticity. In appreciation for their artistic wisdom and guidance, S.O.L.O. pledges 15% of each sale to the communities that inspire our work. By giving back, we hope to strengthen Native-driven organizations that take pride in tradition and further promote cultural sovereignty."

Details: Black print on Natural White tee. 100% combed cotton. Jersey knit. Tear-Away Tag. Printed in the USA. Unisex Athletic Fit. *Limited edition colorway for the Beyond Buckskin Boutique. This item ships from the US.

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